A couple of weeks ago, when the story was first released on the news here in South Korea, I was shocked as was the rest of the nation.

Two days later I held a podcast talking about the case of Jong-in and other cases of child abuse here in South Korea.

You can view the podcast by following the link. If you are in South Korea, and in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is, please make sure to look in the description below the video to find a number of links to help lines in South Korea, available to victims of abuse.


The most recent webinar by FutureNet took place on the 14th of December. I was able to get a spot in the room and record the session.


FutureNet is a fantastic project with great potential. If you are interested in building your online business and growing a stream of residual inome rhen this is the company for you.

Watch the videos and follow the free registration link listed below the video.

How I built my first mining rig ever, to mine Hycon

Let me open this article with the preface that for all intent and purposes, I have absolutely zero experience with assembling computers, and even less experience with how to code, so when I decided to build my first crypto mining rig ever, hoping to run it on Linux, I was…

Have you ever heard of the differentiation between a Private and Public Blockchain? The difference is an easy one to understand and in many respects, at a very superficial level, mirrors the differentiation between an Intranet and the Internet.

Public Blockchain

The Public Blockchain, is exactly what the name suggests…

What is carVertical? In the company’s own words:

World’s First Global & Decentralized Car History Registry Built on Blockchain

The company’s mildest goals for their ICO of soft and hard cap, 3050 and 15050 ETH resepectively, have been met ahead of scheduled crowd sale deadlines, and carVertical managed to roll out it’s token onto exchanges a whole month ahead of time…

Jack Glowacki

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